Billing add-ons allow for more flexibility in your Shopventory pricing. Add-Ons can be enabled for any plan (including Free Basic) without having to upgrade.

Current available Add-Ons:

Add +5 Users

This option allows you to add a group of 5 more user accounts to your current plan. This allows you to grow your team without having to upgrade to a higher subscription plan. 

You can select this more than once if you need to accommodate more employees. Every active group will enable another 5 users to be added.

Cost: $50/mo per group of 5 OR $500/yr ($42/mo)


Accounting Integrations

Connect accounting integrations like QuickBooks Online to Shopventory for simplified updates to your QuickBooks account! Accounting support is included in Professional and Elite plans

Cost: $30/mo OR $300/yr ($25/mo)


Personal Training Sessions

Sit down for a personalized 1-on-1 video call with a Shopventory expert. This is a detailed walkthrough specific to your account if you need more specialized attention. (Free live webinars are also available).

Cost:  One-time setup charge starting at $199

  • To schedule a Personal Training Session, please contact the Shopventory team.


How to Enable Add-Ons

Add-On options can be found in the Billing settings in your Shopventory account page:

Note: A valid credit card must be entered to enable Add-Ons, as they are billed directly by Shopventory.


More Add-Ons to come!
(Keep an eye on the Megaphone for updates)

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