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Alerts will let you know when inventory is running low.

Shopventory currently uses condition-based alerts. 

In other words, you're saying to Shopventory, "Please alert me when a Product meets these conditions..." and then setting those conditions. 

This way, you can set reorder points for products and always stay stocked!


Creating an Alert

To start a new Alert, simply click on the Create an Alert button in the Alerts section of Shopventory.

  1. Give your Alert a name. Good labeling practices are half the battle when it comes to inventory management!
  2. Fill in the first condition. It can be either:
    - Quantity - is less than or equal to - This is the 'magic number' that will trigger the alert. or...
    - Days of Stock Remaining - This is based on Shopventory's Stock Remaining Reports. How many days are left before you run low. (Professional and Elite plans only)
  3. If you want to narrow it down further, add more conditions.

See for yourself!

Once the Alert has been created, it will display in the Alerts section.



Shopventory will also notify you via email once alerts trigger. You should receive regular emails if there are products under alert.

Currently, emails are the only way to receive external notifications about alerts, but we are exploring added options such as SMS or via a mobile app. 


  • Alerts are specific to individual users
  • If a product is running low when the alert is set, an email will not be sent right away— not until the product hits the alert level again
  • Each user has their own set of alerts. Learn more


To Edit or Delete an Alert, simply click on the Alert name

Active Alerts Will Display in your Dashboard


View All Low Inventory Products

You can also view all your low products at once in two ways:

  • In the Inventory section using the 'Low inventory' filter in the Products & Variants tab:

That's all there is to it! Shopventory will also let you know via email the next time inventory runs low.


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