The Category Sales Report will show you all the products that have sold for a given date range, separated by Category. They also calculate total costs and profitability to give you a complete picture of your business. 


Pulling a Category Sales Report

To view your Category Sales Reports, simply go to the Reports section in Shopventory: 

In the Reports section, the Sales Report will populate automatically with the information for today's date. You can customize the date range at the top: 

Select from the pre-set options or customize the date range using the calendar.


Export / Print a Category Sales Report

You will notice PDF and CSV options to export just below the date selection. 

  • On either side of the date range, you'll find the option to filter by location or by integration.
  • You can apply filtering by Category just below the bar charts using the "Filters" button. 
  • Use the search box to filter your results.
  • Category results do not include subcategories, only the specific category named. For example, "Apparel" sales will not include sales for "Shirts" or "Pants".
  • To view Product History and Cost History, you must have only one location selected if you have more than one Shopventory location. 
  • Filters will be applied to the PDF and CSV exports.


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