The Category Sales Report will show you all the products that have sold in a given date range, separated by Category. The report shows total costs and profitability to give you a complete picture of your business. 

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Report Summary

You'll notice a handful of Summary Boxes at the top of this report. These are meant to give you a quick overview of the numbers calculated from the the report, so you can have that information at your fingers tips and spot and red-flags faster. Be sure to hover over the info bubble to get important information pertaining to that summary box.

The columns in this report include:

  • Product

  • Variant

  • Sold

  • Total Revenue (this number may appear higher than net sales, transaction level discounts not included)

  • Costs of goods sold (COGS)

  • Total Profit (including a profit margin %)

    • Profit Margin (%) will be it's own column when downloaded as a CSV

Things to Note:

  • If a product has multiple categories assigned to it at the time of sale, the sold product will show up under each in the Category Sales Report.

  • Category results do not include subcategories, only the specific category named. For example, "Apparel" sales will not include sales for "Shirts" or "Pants".

  • To view Product History and Cost History, you must have only one location selected if you have more than one location. 

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