Click on any product name in Shopventory to begin editing:

  • Product Images can be managed by clicking on the "Manage images" button on the right 
  • Changing the Product name will update all the Variants of that Product in both Shopventory and your POS/E-commerce integration (including Bundle Variants).
  • Categories can be edited and deleted simply by typing in the field. You can have as many or as few categories as you like. You can also drag and drop Categories to re-order them.
  • Variants can be edited, added, or deleted here. Variants have their own inventory quantities and appear as their own entries at the register.
  • SKU and Barcode fields are optional.
  • The "Track inventory" toggle allows you to stop counting inventory for service Products (e.g. haircuts) or other non-inventory sales. It must be turned on to add a quantity. 
  • Adding a Bundle Variant will create a variant which draws from another Product in the inventory.
  • If a Product is "Active" it is available for syncing out to your POS. If the Product is for inventory purposes only (like an ingredient or another bulk Product), you can turn this off and it will not show up for sale. Learn more
  • Multiple Locations can be managed here; if a location is disabled, the Product will not be tracked as part of that pool of inventory. The location and an integration must be enabled for a Product to show up for sale. If you see the words "No enabled integrations," you can click on that to enable an integration and allow sales.
  • List price, cost, and quantity can all be edited for each location, or you can simply Enable the Use defaults toggle
  • To turn a Tax Rate on or off, simply click on the slider.
  • Shipping data can also be managed in the product settings at the bottom of the page.
  • Just click Save to keep all your changes or Close to discard them!
  • You can delete the product at the bottom of the page. This will delete the product and all its variants (individual variants can be removed). 
  • Deleted Products will still appear in sales reports and inventory reports, but they cannot be restored to your inventory page. They will have to be recreated.


Note: inventory changes and updates can also be made via Spreadsheet Bulk Upload


To manage the costs and quantities of more than one product at a time, click on the "Actions" button.

  • Be sure to leave a note when saving your changes!

Bonus: To view a product's history and notes, simply click on the quantity value in the "In Stock" column.


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