Sales are imported from your point of sale provider when you first connect Thrive Inventory by Shopventory!

NOTE: If you have a lot of history, it may take some time to pull everything in. For Customers with several years worth of history, it may even take a few days.

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Report Summary

You'll notice a handful of Summary Boxes at the top of this report. These are meant to give you a quick overview of the numbers calculated from the the report, so you can have that information at your fingers tips and spot and red-flags faster. Be sure to hover over the info bubble to get important information pertaining to that summary box:

The columns in this report include:

  • Product

  • Variant

  • Sold

  • Total Revenue (this number may appear higher than net sales. Transaction level discounts not included)

  • Costs of goods sold (COGS)

  • Total Profit (including a profit margin %)

    • Profit Margin (%) will be it's own column when exported as a CSV

Things to Note:

  • Sales totals are broken down by each Variant. 

  • To view Cost History or Inventory History, you must have only one location selected (if you have more than one Shopventory location). Once only one location is selected the number of units sold and costs of good sold will be clickable.

  • The "Gross Profit" figure for Square POS accounts for fees, so it may be lower than the sum of the "Total Profit" column in the Itemized table.

  • Profit reports are generated from the time of Thrive Inventory's installation going forward. Thrive Inventory will not assume that current Cost values apply retroactively, so profits are not available for any day prior to installation. You can backfill historical costs manually, however. Learn more

Anytime you see a chart in Thrive Inventory, just hover over the chart with your mouse to see the information contained in that graphic. 

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