You can have multiple price points for the same products in Thrive using Bundles.

Let's say you have a product that you sell for two different prices, (wholesale vs retail, senior/child discounts, etc.). Here are the steps to track those products using Bundles.

Bundles Explained

You will start by creating a Variant for each price point

Water Bottle will be the product while "Regular" and "Discounted Price" will be the two variants.

  • NOTE: Alternatively, you can have the "Regular" and "Discounted Price" options and completely separate products as well. The process will still work the same.

Right now, they separate items in your inventory, and with Bundles, we can link their quantities together. Here are the steps from the beginning:

  • First, create the Regular and Discounts items in your inventory with respective prices.

  • Bundle the "Regular Price" variant to the "Discounted Price" and have it deduct 1 unit for each sale.

This way, you can have different prices on each entry, but both variants draw from the same quantity.

Check out the GIF below to see the whole process:

Now, both products will show up on the register.

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