You can have multiple price points for the same products in Shopventory using our Bundles feature.

Let's say you have a product that you sell for two different prices, (wholesale vs retail, senior/child discounting, etc.). Here are the steps to track those products using Shopventory Bundles.

Bundles Explained


This will require creating a Variant for each price point

In other words, they will appear as separate products in the inventory. But quantities will be linked.

  • First, create the Regular Product and Variant in your inventory. 
  • Once the Product has been created (be sure to click Save), you can add a Bundle Variant.
  • The Bundle will consist of one of the original Variant. In other words, you're creating a new entry in inventory consisting of an existing entry in inventory.

This way, you can have different prices on each entry, but both Variants draw from the same piece of inventory! Follow the gif below to see the whole process:

Both products will show up in the register. In Shopventory, Bundle Variants will only display in the Bundles tab.


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