Shopventory Barcode Scanner Mobile App

For receiving and updating inventory quantities using a scanner, we recommend downloading the Shopventory Barcode Scanner mobile app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.


Scanning Barcodes (during checkout)

  • Square - has a list of supported hardware on their site.
  • Shopify POS - offers a barcode scanner via their site.
  • Clover - also has a list of supported hardware on their site.
  • PayPal Here - with an iPad, PayPal Here actually supports barcode scanning using the iPad's camera, so you don't need to buy any additional hardware to read the codes.
  • WooCommerce - No physical POS for WooCommerce, that's e-commerce only.


Generating SKU/Barcode Numbers

Shopventory now offers a SKU generator built right into the app!


Scanning Barcodes into Shopventory via an External Device

As you can see above, Clover, Square, Shopify POS, and PayPal Here all have barcode scanners that work with their point of sale devices. Each of those have their own software that they update and maintain. 

Shopventory, by contrast, runs on a web browser (on the Clover station, the "app" is just a browser that only goes to Shopventory). 

So we can't make any guarantees about which scanner hardware will or won't work with your system when using Shopventory. That's up to how your device interacts with your scanner.

Most barcode scanners that plug into a computer "tell" the computer they are just a keyboard. So if you click on a text field and scan a barcode, the scanner will "type" in the number that was just scanned. 


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