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Details On Scanning Barcodes with 3rd Party Devices

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Being able to scan a product is essential to running a business. Currently, you can use a scanner to add units on:

*This feature is included on Professional plans and up.

Learn more about our plans and upgrading here.

(NOTE: Some grandfathered Standard plans allow scanning for Stocktakes. If you have questions about your current plan, please contact us!)


Most barcode scanners that plug into a computer "tell" the computer/device that they are just a keyboard. So if you click on a text field and scan a barcode, the scanner will "type" in the number that was just scanned.

Scanning functions can only be accessed via a web browser (NOTE: this is not the Barcode Scanner mobile app).

Customers have used many barcode scanners with Thrive including:

Each scanner may interact differently with your operating system or web browser. If you're using a scanner that's not on the above list, it might still be able to scan on Thrive. If you are having an issue scanning, our troubleshooting is extremely limited, but here are the most common issues we see:

Scanning during checkout

  • Square - has a list of supported hardware on its site.

  • Shopify POS - offers a barcode scanner on its site.

  • Clover - also has a list of supported hardware on its site.

    • NOTE: Clover does not give Thrive access to scanners on their tablets. You'll need to use a non-Clover laptop/desktop/tablet to use a supported barcode scanner.

  • BigCommerce & WooCommerce - No physical POS for BigCommerce & WooCommerce, those are e-commerce only.

Barcode Scanner Mobile App

For receiving and updating inventory quantities using a phone, we recommend downloading the Thrive Barcode Scanner mobile app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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