Shopventory Vendor Management Lets You:

  • Enter in each of your vendors
  • Assign products to their corresponding vendor(s)
  • Add contact info and custom notes

Note: Products must be assigned to their corresponding Vendors in order to create Purchase Orders for those Products.


Adding a New Vendor

  • Simply click on the "Create Vendor" button and fill in the fields to add a vendor to your list.
  • You can add a logo by clicking the gray photo icon at the top of the form
  • You can toggle multiple locations for a single vendor
  • All contact information fields are optional, so only enter the relevant information.
  • Tags allow you to categorize your vendors for easy look-up
  • Address and Note fields have high character limits, so you can add a lot of information if you need to.

Multiple Vendors can be added at once using
Shopventory Bulk Uploads Learn more


Click the "Edit Products" button at the bottom to assign products to a vendor.

Once your products are assigned to their Vendors, Purchase Orders can be created for that Vendor.


Things to Note

  • Deleting a Vendor will cause that vendor to no longer show up on any reports.
  • If a deleted Vendor is re-created, it will appear as a new Vendor.

*Only available on Standard plans and up*


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