Thrive Inventory by Shopventory Vendor Management Lets You:

  • List all your vendors in one place

  • Assign products to corresponding vendor(s)

  • Add contact info and custom notes

Products must be assigned to their corresponding Vendors in order to create Purchase Orders for those Products.

IMPORTANT: We DO NOT export or sync Vendor info to any sales channel, and do not receive Vendor info from any sales channel!

*This feature is included on the Standard plan and above.

To learn more about our plans and upgrade, click here.

Adding a New Vendor

  • Click on Vendors from the sidebar menu, then click the "Create Vendor" button and fill in the fields to add a vendor to your list

  • You can add a logo by clicking the gray photo icon at the top of the form

  • You can toggle multiple locations for a single vendor

  • If a product from the same vendor goes to multiple locations, make sure both locations are toggled ON.

  • Contact information fields are optional.

  • Tags allow you to categorize your vendors for easy look-up

  • Address and Note fields have high character limits to accommodate long entries

GIF on how Vendors display (click to enlarge):

GIF on adding products to vendor (click to enlarge):

Once your products are assigned to their Vendors, Purchase Orders can be created for that Vendor.


Under the Actions button on the Vendors page, you'll have the option to further fine-tune your vendor list. Click Bulk Upload and you will have the option to bulk-create new vendors or edit existing vendors.

On the Inventory page, when you click the Action button, you can edit Vendors and Vendor ID's on the Edit Variants Spreadsheet.

In this dropdown, you'll also see the option to download a copy of your vendor list as either a CSV or PDF.

Assigning Vendors to Products

For existing products that are already in Thrive, there are two options for assigning them to vendors.

1) From the Vendors page.

  • Click on the name of the vendor you would like to assign, then on "Edit Products" as shown here:

2) Bulk assign vendors to products via a spreadsheet.

  • From the Inventory page, click "Actions" then Bulk Upload. On the pop-up sidebar, choose the Edit Variants sheet. There you will be able to assign up to three vendors and corresponding vendor IDs per variant.

  • For more information about bulk upload spreadsheets, click here!

Things to Note:

  • Deleting a Vendor will cause that vendor to no longer show up on any reports.

  • If a deleted Vendor is re-created, it will appear as a new Vendor.

  • Thrive Inventory Vendor data is only held in Thrive. We do not push or pull Vendor info to/from your merchant account provider integration.

*This feature is included on the Standard plan and above.

To learn more about our plans and upgrade, click here.

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