Inventory Reports show a snapshot of what your inventory is (or was) at any given time. As long as Thrive Inventory by Shopventory was installed at the moment, we can tell you exactly what you had on the shelves!

The Inventory Report will also show your total value of inventory (current or historic). This means you know your total cost of inventory in seconds.

Products or services with quantity tracking "Disabled" will not be included on the inventory report. Since Bundles do not contribute uniquely to inventory value, these are excluded as well. Products with negative quantities in stock do not count against inventory value.

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Report Summary

The columns on the Inventory Report include:

  • Product

  • Variant

  • Location

  • List Price

  • In Stock

  • Cost/unit

  • Total Value

  • Potential Revenue

  • Potential Profit (including a Profit Margin %)

Things to Note:

  • The same product may show more than once. This is due to the different Lots in inventory. Because different lots (or shipments) can come in at different costs, each lot affects inventory value on its own terms. Thrive Inventory will display each lot on its own row in the Inventory Report. Click here to learn more!

  • If there is no quantity or negative quantity of an item, the cost/unit will be blank.

  • Bundles will not show on inventory reports, only components of bundles will show.

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