Changes and Updates to inventory and quantities should ONLY be made in Shopventory. 

  • Any change or update made in Shopventory will reflect automatically in minutes on the point of sale, as long as the integration settings are set to sync (as recommended).
  • Changes to inventory information made in your provider's inventory system will NEVER pull into Shopventory automatically. 
  • Sales made in your point of sale will be decremented automatically within Shopventory.


Note: inventory changes and updates can also be made via
Spreadsheet Bulk Upload


To update inventory quantities, costs and prices in Shopventory, just go to the Inventory section and follow the steps below:

Click on the Actions dropdown.


Use this to adjust an existing quantity to match what you have in stock such as when you do an inventory recount to verify.

For Example: If you have an existing quantity of 5 and want to change it to 1, editing using this option will replace that 5 with a 1. 

Changing the cost, will update the Default Cost. It will not affect change any Lot Costs. Learn more

            Useful for: Updating many Variants after a manual count & updating prices.



Use this to add new items to existing quantities. For Example: If you have an existing quantity of 1, adding 5 using the Add option will give a total of 6 items when you save.

Changing the cost will enter the incoming Lot at the new cost. It will not affect the Default Cost. Learn more

    Useful for: Receiving new shipments of existing stock & updating prices.

Note: You can also "Add" a negative number (e.g. "-3") to deduct quantities instead of editing.



This option will take you to the Internal Transfers page where you can move inventory between locations.


Make your changes.

Depending on which option you picked, you will see fields enabled on items in the table below.

Always leave a note! 

Notes are strongly recommended for all changes. You can always go back and see the note that was made on any change.

Shopventory makes it easy to manage inventory and keep track of all changes to your Inventory History. Simply click on the number in the Qty. In Stock column to view the Inventory History.


Shopventory changes not showing up in the point of sale?

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