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Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges
Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges
How we handle returned merchandise
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Since we deal with many different types of businesses, by default, Thrive will NOT re-stock refunded Products, but you can change that!

On the Locations and Integrations page, you can click on the integration name to select whether you'd like Thrive to restock returned/refunded products into inventory for that integration.

Refunds are applied at the time of the sale. This means if a product were sold in December and refunded in January, the refund would appear on the Sales Report for December.

Thrive also supports partial refunds on receipts (i.e. refunding just one product on a receipt with multiple products, NOT partially refunded monetary amounts). See below for more specifics based on your integration.

Refunds by integration:

Thrive integrates with different systems that have their own rules. We have to account for different limitations with regard to refunds:

  • Square: Does not give Thrive any info about what product was refunded in a partial refund, so updating inventory quantities (including automatic restocking) is not possible. Refund the full receipt in order to update the inventory. Refunds must be processed within 48 hours of a sale. Square's current API does not report refunds to Thrive after 48 hours. (An update to Square's API is expected soon)

  • BigCommerce, Clover, WooCommerce, and Shopify: These integrations do provide information about what products were refunded in a partial refund so products will be detailed and Thrive will restock on a partial refund (if restocking option is selected).

  • Clover Only: Always "Refund Items" rather than "Refund Payment". Otherwise, the payment amount will still be reported, but products will not be detailed on the Sales Report or added back to inventory if the restock option is selected.

Get notified on returns

You can enable emails to your inbox whenever a return happens. You'll see that option in the Settings section of Thrive. 

We will send an email anytime a refund or return occurs. Sales that are refunded by your point-of-sale system will be deducted from the Sales Report. 


Clover exchanges are correctly handled. Exchanges are treated as refunds. The exchange receipts take longer for us to get from Clover (sometimes a few hours).

For example, if the "Restock on Refund" sync setting is ON, the inventory history will be: -1 for the original sale, +1 restock due to exchange, and -1 deducted due to an exchange.

If the "Restock on Refund" sync setting is OFF: -1 for the original sale and -1 deducted due to an exchange

You can check your "Restock on Refund" selection in the Integrations Settings.

For all other integrations, Thrive does not take any action with regard to exchanges. Quantities are neither added (for the product being returned) nor deducted (for the product they get in exchange). Sales reports will not be altered. No notifications are sent out regarding exchanges.


Besides refund information showing up on Sales-based Reports, you can also get additional insight by using Custom Reports. Specifically the Refund Amount and Refund Details widgets.

Refunds are applied at the time of the sale. For example, if a product were sold in December and refunded in January, the refund would appear on the Sales Report for December.

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