"When would I need a warehouse location?"

Let's say you have a back room/pantry/warehouse for storage. 

You can manage that separate inventory separately from the other location's inventory and transfer quantities between the two when necessary. 

Any location without a point-of-sale integration is considered a "Warehouse" location.


Creating a Warehouse Location

  • Simply visit the Locations and Integrations tab in the 'Settings' section of Shopventory and add a location.
  • You can clone inventory from another location to the new location to easily populate a warehouse.


Managing a Warehouse Location

Once the warehousing location has been created, it can be managed just like other locations in Shopventory. 

Because there is no point-of-sale connected, only changes made in Shopventory will have any effect on warehouse quantities. That location is only for storage and warehousing.

To transfer warehoused quantities from a warehouse location, please check out our guide to Transferring Inventory Between Locations.


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