"When would I need a warehouse location?"

Let's say you have a backroom/pantry/off-site/warehouse for storage. 

You can manage that particular inventory separately from the other location's inventory and transfer quantities between locations when necessary.

NOTE: A warehouse location counts towards the total number allowed with your particular plan. For more details about current plans and locations limits, click here!

Any location without a point-of-sale integration is considered a "Warehouse" location.

Creating a Warehouse Location

Managing a Warehouse Location

Once the warehouse location is created, manage it just like other locations in Thrive Inventory. 

Since there is no point-of-sale connected, only changes made in Thrive Inventory will have any effect on warehouse quantities. That location is only for storage and warehouse actions like transfers.

To transfer warehoused quantities from a warehouse location, please check out our guide to Transferring Inventory Between Locations.

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