Why are Clover sales missing?

Shopventory will automatically pull your historic Clover sales in order to backfill your sales history. This is a massive transfer involving several terabytes of data per day, so Clover has measures in place to protect their servers from being overloaded by requests for historical, archived info.

You can think of it a bit like a library where Clover stores all the sales history for your account. They don't want to have a large team from Shopventory in the library making copies and tying up their resources. So, we are only allowed a small amount of data at a time during the day, and a bit more data overnight once the library doesn't have many other people in it.


How long will it take for all my sales to pull in?

It really depends on a number of factors; everything from the amount of history you have, to the number of new Clover accounts that sign up for Shopventory. 

The process usually takes a few days, but for larger accounts with lots of history, it can take over a week. But rest assured, we are catching up on all the history, and even within the restrictions, Shopventory is far outpacing the rate of new data being created.

We continue to work with our partners at Clover to provide the best possible experience, and we look forward to improvements in their infrastructure that allow for increased limits in the future!


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