Thrive Inventory by Shopventory Access Control allows you to have multiple users on your account with custom permissions. Add users, or remove users' previous employees from your account. Define each user's individual permissions, all in one spot.

You'll also have access to a full Audit Log so you can review changes made by each user.

Note: Alerts are specific to each user. 

Adding a User

First, go to the Access Control tab of the main Settings page (wrench icon). The number of users available to you depends on your subscription and billing add-ons and is noted in the top-right corner of the page.

To create a new user, enter their email, name, password (optional), and finally the permissions you want them to have for your account.

  • NOTE: The option to create a password for the user or leave the password field blank. If left blank, we will send the user an email link that allows them to set their own password. 

Available Permissions

***to see a larger version of the above table, right-click (or secondary click) and open the image as a new tab

  • View reports - User able to access all reports (cost and profit values may be hidden: see below)

  • View cost & profit margins - The user will see the cost of goods and profit information

  • Update stock counts & prices - The user will be able to update quantities. prices, and costs (if View cost & profit margins is enabled). (ON by default if Product management is enabled)

  • Product management - The user can make updates to inventory information (e.g. create products, edit prices, update quantities, etc.)

  • Manage POs - Users can create and edit Purchase Orders. Since this requires access to view costs, it also requires the View cost & profit margins permission to be enabled.

  • Receive POs - The user can receive Purchase Orders.

  • Manage Internal Transfers - Users can create and edit Internal Transfers.

  • Receive Internal Transfers - The user can receive Internal Transfers on permitted locations

  • Account management - The user has access to view and update settings, including integrations, business info, and billing

  • Manage users & permissions - This user will have access to the Access Control tab and can manage the permissions of others

  • Submit Stocktakes - Create, modify, and submit stocktakes for approval.

  • Manage Stocktakes - Approve stocktakes and apply stocktake changes to inventory quantities.

  • Manage invoices - Permission to view, create, and update invoices.

  • Assemblies - Permission to create and update assemblies.

NOTE: Certain permissions are dependent on others. Just hover your mouse over the ⓘ for details:

Location permissions

Thrive Inventory allows you to limit a user only to select locations. This means you can restrict a user from certain functions by location. 

NOTE: Certain permissions, such as Product Management, require all locations to be enabled. This is because Products are cross-location by nature, so the ability to create or edit product properties is a multi-location permission.

See the chart above for details.

Removing a User

To remove a user, click on their email address (on the Access Control page) and click the red trashcan button. This will remove their access from Thrive.

Deleting a user will not remove the User Name/actions from the Audit Log. We keep that for the historical record, so the user name at the time of the action will always be associated with each other.

To take it a step further, if a user’s name is changed (and the user is not deleted), the Audit Log will continue to show the name of the user at the time of the change.

Total number of users available per plan: 

  • Standard Plan: 2

  • Professional Plan: 5

  • Elite Plan: 10

  • Enterprise Plan: 20

Additional users can be added in groups of 5 as a Billing Add-On. Each additional group of 5 costs $50/mo or $500/yr ($42/mo). 

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