What is inventory tracking?

It just means Shopventory is keeping track of the quantity of that product. For example, if I sell hats, having tracking turned on will tell me how many hats are currently on the shelf at any given time.

If tracking is disabled for a Product, that Product will not appear on your inventory report.


When should it be turned off?

Usually, only in the cases of Services & Non-Inventory Products. For example, if I sell haircuts, I don't want to track the quantity of "haircuts" I have.


How do I turn it ON for ALL my Products?

Go to the Advanced tab in the 'Settings' section of Shopventory and start the task labeled "Enable inventory tracking for all variants":


How do I turn it OFF?

Simple: Just turn off inventory tracking for those products in the Edit Product Panel. 

Just click on the Product Name and go to the Variants & Defaults section of the Product Details page.


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