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How Thrive handles custom amount sales

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These are created when a sale is made in your POS, but the product sold is not linked to a product in Thrive. A sale for a "Custom Amount" is also referred to as a "Custom Product."

For example, rather than selecting and selling a product that costs $25, the employee at the register would receive $25 into the register. 

Here is how it would appear in the Sales Report:

  • Custom Amounts/Products are always Uncategorized.

  • If the product is showing a different name on the Sales Report, that means a name was entered at the time of the sale. 

  • There is no way to edit Sales Reports. If a Custom Amount was entered, it will remain in the report going forward.

In these cases, no product was selected at the time of the sale, so we have no way to link that sale to a product in inventory. Since we don't know what product the sale should be linked to, we do NOT recommend using the register's option for custom amounts/products once Thrive is connected.

Avoiding Custom Amount sales

We recommend merchants only sell products that exist on Thrive (click here to go to your Inventory page). This means selecting from the existing products on the register instead of using a keypad to receive a custom amount.

Once a Custom Amount entry is made on the Sales Report, there is no option to link it to a product for sales history. That product's quantity will need to be updated manually (be sure to leave a note!).

Custom Amount sales are uncategorized in the Sales Reports.

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