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Stock Forecast Report ("Stock Remaining")
Stock Forecast Report ("Stock Remaining")

Get an intelligent forecast of how long until you run out of stock

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*This report is included on the Professional plan and up,

to learn more about our plans and upgrade, click here.

The Stock Forecast Report will give you a smart estimate of how much time you have left before a product will be out of stock. 

Each variant on the report has its own Stock Forecast Report calculated by Thrive based on the variant's sales history.

You can use Stock Remaining values to create Alerts (for example, "alert me if an item is projected to run out of stock in less than 3 days").

For more information about retrieving your report, click this article on Saved/Scheduled Reporting.

Report Summary

The product sales report is broken down at the product/variant level.

When you click on the report, it will automatically start making calculations based on your current inventory and sales patterns. You can manipulate the Filters and Display options to pinpoint the exact information you are looking for.

The "Display" button will allow you to customize the columns of the report. The available columns include:

  • Product

  • Variant

  • Location

  • Categories*

  • Vendors*

  • SKU*

  • Barcode*

  • Days Remaining (forecasted days remaining before the stock is depleted)

    *Toggle on with the Display button

On the Products page...

You will see the estimated time remaining for each variant:

Pulling a Variant-Specific Stock Remaining Report

Visit the main Products page, and click on a Product's current quantity to see Product History. From there, click "View Report" to see the Stock Remaining Report for that variant:

How it's calculated

Thrive has a complete sales history for every product in the inventory, so we use predictive analytics for our forecasting to give you the most accurate estimate we can.

The more time and sales data we have, the more accurate the estimate, so Thrive's estimates will only get better over time!

Stock Remaining Reports are calculated once per day, overnight. You'll have updated estimates ready for you each morning!

  • NOTE: If you don't see the option for stock forecasting, it may mean there is not enough history for Thrive to calculate a Stock Remaining Report.

*This feature is included on the Professional plan and up,

to learn more about our plans and upgrade, click here.

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