Shopventory can provide you with pre-formatted PDF files for you to print out including visual barcodes.

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Compatible Label Sizes for Printers:

Dymo Label sizes: 

  • 30334 - 1.25in x 2.25in 
  • 30332 - 1in x 1in
  • 30299 (jewelry barbell-style) - .0625in x 2.125in

Brother Label sizes: 

  • DK-1201 - 1.14in x 3.5in
  • DK-1221 - 0.9in x 0.9in
  • DK-1204 - 0.66 in x 2.1 in

Compatible Avery Label Templates to use with regular desktop printers: 

  • 8860/8160/5160 (30 labels per page)
  • 8195/5195 (60 labels per page)
  • 8167/5167 (80 labels per page)

NOTE: When printing Avery Templates, we recommend printing only one page at a time.


Printing labels/price tags

Barcoding is easy. Just click on the Actions button on the Items & Variants page and select the Print SKU / Barcode Labels option:

This will bring up the options dialog: 


  • You can choose whether to translate the SKU or the Barcode fields into a visual Barcode. 
  • The Shopventory SKU generator uses UPC (12 digits) and is the default option. 
  • Visual barcodes cannot be printed if the number is not in a recognized format (see below for further info on recognized formats)**

Next, choose the variants for which you'd like to print labels and then confirm how many labels you'd like to print for each variant! 

NOTE: Avery sheets users can select how many blank cells they would like to leave unprinted before confirming.


Printing labels from Purchase Orders

  • When you receive a PO, you will automatically be prompted to see if you'd like to print labels for the Products just received. If you do, we'll pre-fill those Products and Quantities for you!


Things to keep in mind:

  • If your browser does not have the paper size built in, use Ctrl-P (⌘-P on Mac) to view all the size options on your operating system.
  • Barcodes and UPC's are validated with the recognized formats below**
  • The Barcodes you print from Shopventory can be scanned using the Shopventory Barcode Scanner app.
  • You may need to uncheck "Fit to page" in your printer settings for proper formatting.


Known printer issue:

When printing multiple pages of Avery labels, the second (and any more than the first) page prints a few millimeters higher than the first page. If you configure the printer to skip the first page and just print the second page and onward, it does print correctly.

This issue tends to affect older and lower-end home printers. 


**Recognized UPC/Barcode formats:

  • UPC - 12 digits Universal Product Code. This barcode is used to identify each product with a unique code. It consists of a 1 digit Numbering System, 5 digits Manufacturer's code, 5 digits Product Code and 1 Check Digit.
  • UPCE - A 6 digits condensed version of UPCA. This barcode is typically used on products where space is a constraint.
  • EAN13 - 13 digits European Article Numbering barcode. This barcode is used to identify each product with a unique code internationally. It consists of a 2 digits Country Code, 5 digits Manufacturer's code, 5 digits Product Code and 1 Check Digit. The ISBN(International Standard Book Number) barcode and ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) barcode uses EAN13 as the underlying barcode. For ISBN, the 13 digits starts with 978(or 979. Sunrise 2005 Compliance) while for ISSN it starts with 977.


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