The Shopventory Barcode Scanner mobile app allows you to quickly scan visual barcodes to find products and update quantities using your phone's camera. 

For inventory counts and reconciliations, we recommend using Shopventory's Stocktakes function (now with support for 3rd party Barcode Scanners!). Learn more

Download the Shopventory Barcode Scanner App!


Using the Barcode Scanner App:

First, login to your Shopventory account and select your location:

Once you're logged in, you can search by SKU or Barcode. Use the magnifying glass to type in the SKU or Barcode. Use the scan icon to use your device's camera to scan a Barcode.

Once you select a product, you can select either Reconciliation or Receiving

  • Reconcile is like the 'Edit' option in Shopventory. You can change the existing quantity to a new number.
  • The Receiving option is used for adding quantities to the existing stock. You can use negative numbers to deduct (e.g. -5 to deduct 5 units). Learn more

You can enter custom notes and select a reason for the update. The updates are also linked to the user account who downloaded the app to make the change: 

The change will be entered into Shopventory and pushed out to your point of sale right away! 


Things to keep in mind:

  • This app will only locate products that already have a SKU or Barcode assigned. 
  • You cannot assign a SKU or Barcode to a product using the Barcode Scanner Mobile App.
  • All changes made in the Barcode Scanner Mobile App will be credited to the User Account who is logged into the mobile app.
  • A User who has been removed will lose access to manage inventory via the app.
  • When receiving inventory, the Cost field will only apply to the Lot being received. Learn more


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