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Before a product can be transferred to another one of your locations, it must be enabled at both the sending and receiving location, and have a positive quantity in stock to move.

Create an Internal Transfer

To get to the Internal Transfers page simply visit the Purchase Orders section of Thrive and select the Internal Transfers option at the top of the page:

Click on the Create Transfer button to get started!

Select the sending and receiving locations. Once that information is on the transfer, you will have a few options for adding products.

Adding Products

To add products to an Internal Transfer, you have a few options, which are outlined here:

1 ) Scan to add products

It's as easy as it sounds. Simply fill out the top section of the Internal Transfer (From, To, Transfer Number, and dates) and then start scanning! Each scan will count as a +1 for that item.

You can also scan a product and then manually edit the quantity, but just remember to click off of the quantity field when you start scanning again. This is because the scanner pretends to be a keyboard in Thrive Inventory. If you click on any blank white space in the transfer, that will deselect any text fields and allow you to scan normally. If you are having any other issues with scanning on Thrive, please refer to our Barcode Scanning FAQs article here’s :

The ability to scan to add products on Internal Transfers is for users on Professional Plan and above (learn more about upgrading your plan here).

2) Automatically add products that are low

Auto-Add Below PAR Products — This will only apply to products that have PAR Levels set AND are currently below the PAR Level.

If there are there products missing from the "Add Products" selection list? Double-check items are:

  • ✅ Enabled at the location

  • ✅ Assigned to the Vendor

  • ✅ The Vendor services this location

If you use this option and in the process, the sending location goes below its PAR level, a warning will appear so you can take a closer look to make sure you are aware that you're shorting the other location. Or if you do short one of the locations, at least it's on your radar.

NOTE: The Auto-Add PAR Products feature is only available on Professional Plans and above (learn more about upgrading your plan here).

3) The "Add Products" button

By clicking the blue "Add Products" button on the Internal Transfer screen, you can filter and search to add products. Once the products are entered, you can then manually input the quantities you are wanting to order. If you are wanting to add a large number of products from a particular category or vendor, be sure to press the "Load All" as shown here:

Once you've added products, be sure to leave any helpful notes at the bottom on the Internal Transfer.

As soon as a transfer is created, variant quantities deduct from the sending location and it can no longer be edited. Instead of officially "creating" the transfer, you can instead save it as a draft. That way, if there's any possibility the information may change later on, you can do so.

Receiving a Transfer

To open an existing transfer, simply click on the transfer number:

Click on the "Receive Inventory" button to receive quantities to the receiving location (as shown below). If there are any issues with the shipment, or product received, the "Notes" section on the receiving screen is a great place to jot those down.

If you receive fewer than the quantities listed, the Internal Transfer will show as 'Partially Received' and remain open.

To receive product, we have a few options to choose from:

  • Click the "Receive all quantities" option at the top right corner. This will populate the Receiving column with the quantities remaining to be added to inventory. Once the button is clicked, there is still have an option to click 'Done' and finalize the move.

  • Scan to Receive items 1-by-1 (for customers on the Professional plan and above). Once the Receive Inventory button is clicked, just scan and each valid scan will add a +1 to the receiving total for the product.

  • Numbers for the receiving column can also be manually input using your cursor and keypad.

Once you've entered the quantities, click the "Save & Adjust Quantities" button to update the inventory. If the quantities that you received span multiple lots, those costs will be added together and averaged out to create a new lot for the receiving location.

Cancel a Transfer

Transfers can be canceled by using the Cancel Transfer option.

You'll have the option to return products back to the sending location or mark them as lost in transit.

Download or Duplicate a Transfer

To export your internal transfer to a PDF or CSV file, simply click the gear wheel in the top right corner and choose which file type you'd like. You'll also have the option to duplicate the transfer for repeat moves:

Things to Note:

  • Products in transit will appear on the In-Transit Report

  • Each Internal Transfer will show all products that were transferred in a given order.

  • Individual products will still have their individual Inventory History updated.

  • Fees and Freight are optional and will not affect the lot cost of the transferred products.

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