In-Transit Reports detail all the inventory that's still pending on Internal Transfers. Inventory that has not yet been received is not in either location and is considered to be In-Transit.


Pulling an In-Transit Report

To view your In-Transit Report, simply go to the Reports section in Shopventory and click on the In-Transit Report option.

By default, Shopventory will show all outstanding (In-Transit) inventory. But you can narrow down if you're looking for transfers pending to/from a particular location:


Export / Print an In-Transit Report

You will notice PDF and CSV options to export just below the date and time selection. 

  • A PDF file is a better choice if you prefer to print a hard copy. 
  • A CSV file is a spreadsheet file format that is better if you plan to use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel™ or Google Sheets™.


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