The Inventory Change Report shows you how inventory has been updated over time for easy high-level audits. You choose the date range, and Shopventory display starting and ending inventory with a summary of all the updates in between. You can click into the Product history for the details.


Pulling an Inventory Change Report

To view your report, simply go to the Reports section in Shopventory and click on "Inventory Change Report". 

To pull the report, select the date range in the upper right-hand menu:

  • Reports can be filtered by Location using the dropdown in the top left.
  • Reports can also be filtered by Category using the "Filters" button below the summary boxes.
  • The Search box can be used to help you find a specific Product or subset.
  • Inventory totals are broken down by each Variant. Just scroll down to view the full Report in detail.
  • You can also use the Inventory Change widget in Custom Reports to filter that same data by location and view additional columns.

Note: Only products that have experienced a change in quantity over the date range specified are included on this report. To see a total value of on-hand inventory at a given point in time, check out your Inventory Report.


Export / Print an Inventory Report

You will notice PDF and CSV options to export just below the date and time selection. 

  • Filters that have been applied on the page will be applied on export.
  • A PDF file is a better choice if you prefer to print a hard copy. 
  • A CSV file is a spreadsheet file format that is better if you plan to use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel™ or Google Sheets™.

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