Demo mode is intended to allow you to play around and become familiar with some of the main functions of Shopventory.


Entering Demo Mode

Shopventory may give you the option to view a demo if you're on a page with no info. 

But you can always enter demo mode from the right-hand help panel. You can deploy that panel using the blue question mark at the top right-hand corner:


While You're in Demo Mode

Any reports or data you see is not related to your actual inventory. These are only examples. You can make any edits you like while in Demo Mode. Those edits will not be sent to the point of sale.

Nothing you do in Demo Mode can be made live later on. In order to reset your Demo Mode updates, just refresh the page.


Exiting Demo Mode

You'll see a yellow bar at the bottom of the page to indicate you're in Demo Mode. There will be an exit button there:

Once you exit demo mode, you'll return to your own account and all changes will be live! 


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