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Bulk Upload Troubleshooting

Common problems when using the spreadsheet Bulk Upload feature

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Spreadsheets can be tricky. Even with the power of Google Sheets, certain assumptions are made when specific values are entered into a spreadsheet.

This article addresses the most common issues you might encounter during the bulk upload. In addition, be sure also to check out our articles outlining all of our bulk upload spreadsheets, and tips and best practices articles.

Import errors

An error is bound to happen when working with so much information across different spreadsheets. We get it!

That's why, when there is an error, we will:

  • Continue to upload the (non-erroring) products and rows to Thrive immediately.

  • Isolate the erroring products and rows on a NEW spreadsheet for you.

  • Provide the reason for the error or issue in the last column of the spreadsheet.

This way, all the correctly input information can be uploaded to Thrive immediately. Then, you can focus on correcting the errors and uploading the new spreadsheet.

Fixing errors

When you encounter an error, you'll be redirected to a new spreadsheet containing ONLY the products with errors.

To fix the errors, start by clicking the link in the error message as shown below so that you can fix those errors and re-submit:

  • NOTE: For the Bulk Create Purchase Orders feature, we'll add the errors to their own spreadsheet, but because of how they are set up, it's a bit different. If there is one error, we will not import any information until it is fixed.

The reason for the errors will appear in the final row of the new spreadsheet. Here's an example of what the error column looks like:

For products with multiple variants, we cannot upload the full product to Thrive until all the variants are in a good state and there are no errors.

  • For example, if you have a product with 30 variants, and there is an error for one of the variants, the new "error" spreadsheet that is generated will have all 30 variants present. The error message in the last column will only appear on the row of the variant with the error.

Cannot Edit Protected Cells

Certain columns cannot be edited to protect the integrity of the spreadsheet. Protected columns are in grey to indicate that you cannot edit the field directly on the Edit Products, Edit Variants, Edit Variants Default Price, and Edit Vendors spreadsheets.

If you are using a different spreadsheet and want to see the protected ranges, click View > Protected Ranges as shown here:

  • NOTE: You must click into the spreadsheet to see the option to view protected ranges.

Information that isn't intended to be changed on a given type of bulk upload will show up on the spreadsheet, but you will not be able to edit it. For instance, if you've generated an "Edit Variants" spreadsheet, you cannot edit Product-level characteristics (like Product Name and Categories).

You may not be able to edit Variant Names. This would happen if variants were generated in Thrive with multiple attributes/options (e.g. Size, Color, Style, Flavor, etc.)

Leading zeros are stripped from numbers

  • Problem: 001234 becomes 1234

  • Cause: All spreadsheet apps (including Google Sheets) treat numbers as values to be calculated by default.

  • Fix: Format the desired cells as plain text instead of a number. Once you have the cells you want to format highlighted, click Format>Number>Plain text.

    Another option is to add a single quote (apostrophe) at the start of the number. That indicates to Google that this should be treated as text instead of a number value. So 001234 becomes '001234.

Large numbers (i.e. SKU and Barcode numbers) are converted to scientific notation

  • Problem: 10000000000 becomes 1E+10

  • Cause: This is also the result of spreadsheet apps (including Google Sheets) treating numbers as values to be calculated by default.

  • Fix: Same as above, simply add a single quote (apostrophe) at the start of the number. That indicates to Google that this should be treated as text instead of a number value. So 10000000000 becomes '10000000000.

Editing 'Variant Name' for Attributes

Variant Names of attributes (created using the "Add Attributes" button or via the Bulk Create Products with Attributes spreadsheet) cannot be edited on the Edit Variants spreadsheet.

Generating SKUs

SKUs cannot be generated inside the spreadsheet. Thrive can generate SKUs automatically after the products have been created though.

Outdated Spreadsheets

As of Thursday, February 29th, 2024, you can no longer import outdated bulk upload spreadsheets into Thrive.

  • Outdated is any spreadsheet generated over 120 days ago or on a previous version of bulk uploads.

If you need help getting information from an outdated spreadsheet, write to our Customer Care Team for assistance!

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