This article is meant for troubleshooting issues that arise during the Bulk Upload process. If you would like a guide to spreadsheet uploads, click the button below:

Spreadsheet software is a little tricky. Even with the power of Google Sheets, there are certain assumptions made when certain values are entered into a spreadsheet. 

Below are the most common issues you might run into:

Cannot Edit Protected Cells

  • To protect the integrity of the spreadsheet, column names and Product ID's cannot be edited.

  • You also cannot edit information that isn't intended to be changed on a given type of bulk upload. For instance, if you've generated an "Edit Variants" spreadsheet, you cannot edit Product-level characteristics (like Product name and Categories). 

  • You may not be able to edit Variant Names. This would happen if variants were generated in Thrive Inventory by Shopventory with multiple attributes/options (e.g. Size, Color, Style, Flavor, etc.)

  • You can view which cells are not available to edit using the View > Protected Ranges option: 

Striped lines indicate those cells cannot be edited

Leading zeros are stripped from numbers

  • Problem: 001234 becomes 1234

  • Cause: All spreadsheet apps (including Google Sheets) treat numbers as values to be calculated by default. 

  • Fix: Just add a single quote (apostrophe) at the start of the number. That indicates to Google that this is to be treated as text instead of as a number value. So 001234 becomes '001234

Large numbers (i.e. SKU and Barcode numbers) are converted to scientific notation

  • Problem: 10000000000 becomes 1E+10

  • Cause: This is also the result of spreadsheet apps (including Google Sheets) treating numbers as values to be calculated by default.

  • Fix: Same as above, simply add a single quote (apostrophe) at the start of the number. That indicates to Google that this is to be treated as text instead of as a number value. So 10000000000 becomes '10000000000

Not seeing the bulk upload option

Remember, spreadsheet Bulk Uploads are available on the Standard plan and above. If you don't see the Bulk Upload option, you may need to check your plan in the Billing settings in your Thrive Inventory account. Plans and Pricing

Can't Generate Variant Attributes From the Spreadsheet

Currently, Thrive Inventory can only create attributes for products inside of Thrive. If your Variant uses attributes, it must be created in Thrive Inventory and not via a spreadsheet. Learn more

Generating SKUs

SKUs cannot be generated inside the spreadsheet. You can have Thrive Inventory generate SKUs automatically after the products have been created though. Learn more

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