For users who need specialized attention, Shopventory offers one-on-one training sessions with a Shopventory expert. Otherwise, Shopventory 101 is a FREE weekly webinar to give a guided tour.


What is it?

A Personal Training Session is a 45-min video conferencing session (90-min for Professional and Elite) with a Shopventory expert. Shopventory will help you get your account set up and acquaint you with all the tools Shopventory has to offer.


What's included?

  • Enter your inventory info with guidance from a Shopventory expert. We can walk you through the process of uploading a spreadsheet to Shopventory to enter inventory data.
  • Get a recording of your session for future reference. 
  • Dedicated Q&A to make sure you have all questions answered specifically for your account.

What's NOT included?

  • Shopventory will not build any inventory "from scratch". 
  • Shopventory will not import a spreadsheet on a user's behalf.
  • Shopventory does not create Bundles, only examples during the call. 
  • This is a one-time service. If a new batch of inventory needs to be uploaded later on, after the session, Shopventory will assist users to do it themselves. Initial setup is one-time only. 
  • The one-time charge for a Personal Training Session is not refundable if an attendee decides not to continue with Shopventory services.


How much is it?

Personal Training Sessions are billed ahead of time. This is a one-time fee, paid prior to the session, apart from any monthly subscription charges.

  • Basic/Starter/Standard (1-3 locations) — $199
  • Professional (4-10 locations) — $299
  • Elite (11-25 locations) — $399
  • Enterprise (26+ locations) — Contact Us for pricing
  • Shopventory 101 Webinar — FREE Learn more


How do I set it up?

All you have to do is start a chat. Just click on the blue chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner to get in touch and we'll set up your session!


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