Shopventory offers 4 ways to receive incoming inventory:

Option 1:
The 'Add' option in the Actions button on the Products & Variants tab

This option will enable the Quantity, Cost, and Price fields in Shopventory. 

Here I can say I’m adding new units to the quantities that are already there. So if I had 10 before and I add 5. I will have a total of 15. 

The add function can also be used to subtract a number of units. All you have to do is put a minus symbol before the number you want to subtract. (e.g. "-5" will deduct 5 units from the shelf)

Once you enter the quantity, you add the unit cost for this incoming lot. In other words, you are setting how much was paid for this particular shipment of inventory.

This way, as my costs change over time, Shopventory is accounting for the difference in profitability between each batch.

If I leave the cost field blank, then Shopventory will just assume the cost that is entered into the Default cost field in the Edit Product Panel when I click on the product name.

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Option 2:
The “Receive Inventory” function in the Bulk Upload tools. 

This will let you generate a Spreadsheet where you can put in the incoming Quantity along with the lot cost, just like in option 1. You can leave any products blank if they’re not being updated. 

Once you’re done, you can submit the spreadsheet to Shopventory from the top of Column D. Don’t forget that second click!

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Option 3:
Receive a purchase order.

This option is available on the Standard plan and above. 

If your products are assigned to vendors in shopventory, you can create purchase orders to send to your vendors. Shopventory gives you the option to export purchase orders as PDF or CSV spreadsheet files.

Once the delivery arrives, you can then receive your purchase orders to update the incoming quantities. 

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Option 4:
Use Shopventory’s Barcode Scanner Mobile App. 

If your inventory has barcodes or SKU numbers assigned and entered into Shopventory, then you can search for those items from the app using your phone’s camera. 

The barcode scanner app allows you to receive inventory or edit existing quantities. 

Learn more about the Barcode Scanner mobile app

However you choose to receive inventory, just make sure all your inventory management gets done in Shopventory only. Changes made in Shopventory will automatically be sent out to your merchant account integrations.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!


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