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Updating and creating inventory using Thrive's new editing tools

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Access the Edit Product page by clicking on any product or variant found on the Products page.

Navigate between three different tabs, depending on the edits you would like to make. Click an option below to be taken to that specific section of this article:

Keep scrolling to learn more about each:

Product Details

On this tab, you'll be able to add/edit many fields, including:


On the Location tab, you can choose which integration and locations are enabled for a product and adjust inventory quantities.

To edit the Location, use the green toggles to enable or disable.

To edit the integration a product is available at, click the “Edit” button in the “Enabled Channels” column.

To adjust inventory levels, click “Edit” in the “Qty Available” column, or the gear wheel under Advanced. This will lead you to a page where you can input the Adjustment reason, Adjustment quantity, and Cost per unit for each variant within each location you wish to update!

Quantities can be adjusted in many different ways on Thrive, including from the Inventory page using the Actions button, Bulk Upload, or the options listed here.

Depending on your exact situation, some of these options will be more efficient than others, so feel free to chat with our Customer Care Team and we can come up with a plan for you!


This tab is for manipulating integration-specific pricing (learn more here).

For Shopify and WooCommerce users, we have additional fields that we sync to. Learn more below:

Bulk Edits

Most products and variant fields are editable via a bulk upload spreadsheet. To learn more and see the possibilities, check out this article:

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