Thrive Inventory by Shopventory gives you more options to create and edit inventory with our Product Page. 

Product Name, Description, and Variant data can all be entered and edited at your convenience. Click into the product and add/remove categories, make the product active/inactive, and manage images, vendors, tax and shipping info for the product in one place.

PAR Levels & Reorder Quantities

Set PAR Levels and Reorder Quantities (click here for full article).

  • PAR Level - The minimum quantity you want in stock at all times, similar to the Alert level in Shopventory.¬†

  • Reorder Quantity - The quantity you want to get back to when the quantity goes below the PAR Level.

For example, I want to keep a minimum of 10 units on my shelf at all times. Once I get to 10 or below, I want to get back to a quantity of 20. Therefore, I would set my PAR level to be 10 and my Reorder Quantity to be 20.

That way if I were to get down to a quantity of 5 units, Thrive Inventory will know this item is below my PAR level of 10 and my next purchase order would automatically order 15, getting me back to my re-order quantity of 20.

Setting Quantities

Thrive Inventory makes sure every update to inventory has a definite entry for safekeeping.

Quantities can be set or added by clicking the "Edit" button in the Locations box (or the gearwheel). This will lead you to a page where you can input Adjustment reason, Adjustment quantity, and Cost per unit for each variant within each location you wish to update!

If you are not quite ready to set your quantities on the product page, no problem! Inventory amounts can also be adjusted on the Products & Variants page by clicking the "Actions" button to add or edit the product quantity.

To learn more about editing quantities outside of the Product Page, check out the article here!

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