Barcode Numbers

What is a barcode number and how is it used?

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Barcodes are used to identify one product or a group of products. In other words, multiple products can have the same barcode number, which is not the case for SKUs.

Typically, the barcode field in Thrive is used to enter a UPC (Universal Product Code), which is usually the barcode number that comes on the product itself.  There are many different ways to use barcodes depending on your specific set-up, keep reading for more details!

Use cases

Barcode numbers are typically used to find a group of products all at once. They can also be used to track the manufacturer's information when needed. Oftentimes, a barcode is used to "mark" a group of products in some way for easy lookup. 

Print a barcode (price tag or label)

Thrive provides you with pre-formatted PDF files for you to print out scannable barcodes.

Read more about supported printers, compatible sizes, supported SKU/barcode formats, and label examples here:

Things to Note:

  • A barcode can contain letters, symbols, and numbers. 

  • Barcodes may be visible to your customers. 

  • Thrive Inventory does not generate barcodes as it is mostly intended for manufacturer info. 

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