A Barcode number can be used to identify one product or a group of products. In other words, multiple products can all have the same Barcode number. 

Typically, the Barcode field in Thrive Inventory by Shopventory is used to enter a UPC (Universal Product Code). This is usually the Barcode number that comes on the product itself. 

How is it used?

Barcode numbers are typically used to find a group of products all at once. They can also be used to track the manufacturer's information when needed. Oftentimes, a Barcode is used to "mark" a group of products in some way for easy lookup. 

Things to note

  • A Barcode can contain letters, symbols, and numbers. 

  • Barcodes may be visible to your customers. 

  • Thrive Inventory does not generate Barcodes as it is mostly intended for manufacturer info. 

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