Purchase Orders let you place orders for new inventory to your vendors.

Purchase Orders are sometimes confused with invoices, which allow you to bill Customers. Click here to learn about invoicing!

NOTE: Before you create a PO (Purchase Order), you must create an entry for your Vendors in the Vendors tab and assign corresponding products to your Vendors. Learn More

Creating a Purchase Order:

To Start a New Purchase Order, click the Create PO button in the top right-hand side of the page:

Purchase Orders can also be created using
Shopventory Bulk Uploads by hitting the Actions button instead. Learn more

Next, simply fill out the corresponding fields:

  • PO Number — This is a number for your internal tracking. It will appear on the PO. If no number is selected, Shopventory automatically counts up from the last highest number.

  • Date —  This is the creation date for the PO. It can be backdated if necessary.

  • Expected — This is the date on which you expect to receive the PO. 

  • Vendor — The Vendor from whom you are ordering. NOTE: products must be assigned to that Vendor in order to place a PO. Learn more

  • Bill To — The location designated as the billing address.

  • Ship To — The Location where products will be received.

  • Fees — Any additional charges related to the PO.

  • Freight — Can be used for shipping, customs, or other freight-related charges.

  • Product — The product being ordered

  • Vendor ID — An optional field in case your Vendor has a different SKU number or you want to add more info. The Vendor ID will be saved and appear automatically the next time that product is added to a PO.

  • Quantity — The number of units being ordered.

  • Cost — How much you are paying for each individual unit. 

  • Discount $ — This is a fixed "dollar-amount" being deducted (e.g. $10 off per unit)

  • Discount % — This is a percentage discount (e.g. 10% off per unit)

  • Tax % — The percentage of tax being applied. 

You can save a Purchase Order as a draft if you need the ability to edit later on. Once a Purchase Order is created, it cannot be changed or edited or deleted. Purchase Orders will display on the Purchase Orders page in their current status.

You can also duplicate a Purchase Order that's already been received in order to re-order the same products. Simply open the completed PO and use the gear icon to view the available options: 

Automatically add products that are low

In addition to the "Add Products" option, you can also have Shopventory select products automatically:

  • Auto-Add Below PAR Products — This will only apply to products that have a PAR Levels set AND are currently below the PAR Level.

  • Auto-Add Low Inventory Products — This will add products that are either below PAR or they currently match an Alert

Products missing from the "Add Products" selection list? 

Double-check items are:

  • ✅ Enabled at the location

  • ✅ Assigned to the Vendor

  • ✅ The Vendor services this location

Receiving A Purchase Order

To receive inventory from an open Purchase Order, click the 'Receive Inventory' button at the bottom of the open Purchase Order.

If you receive fewer than the quantities listed, the Purchase Order will show as 'Partially Received' and remain open.

Receiving a Purchase Order will automatically update the
inventory quantities in Shopventory.

You can also download a PO in PDF or CSV (spreadsheet file) format. This allows you to easily send Purchase Orders to vendors as email attachments or print them if you need a hard copy. 

Purchase Orders are permanently stored in Shopventory, so your records are always securely backed up!

You can also use the Settings menu to duplicate a PO, for easy re-ordering, and also Print labels for the Products just received.

When products are received, you will be prompted to print price tags for the incoming inventory.

Cancel a PO

Purchase Orders can also be canceled using the "Cancel Order" button on the lower right-hand corner.

If some (but not all) units from the PO have been received, the button will say "Force Complete" instead. It just means no further quantities will be received on this PO. It will not undo any previous additions to the inventory.

Add your logo & streamline the process

It's a good idea to check your "Settings". You can enter your company information and set the default addresses of your locations. This way you don't have to type them into the Purchase Order each time you create a new one.

Address info can be added from the Locations and Integrations tab in the 'Settings' section of Shopventory.

You can set your business information (such as your logo) in the Company Info tab (also in the Settings).

This way, the information populates automatically in the Purchase Order when that location is selected.

*Only available on the 'Standard' Plan and above*
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Please let us know if you have any questions.  We are here to help!

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