The main difference

  • Active products will appear in the merchant account integration and will be available for sale
  • Inactive products will NOT be available for sale in the merchant account integration. 

Use Case Examples

If you have a retail store and you'd like to receive a product into inventory, but not sell until a certain date, you can simply deactivate the products for now. That will keep it from appearing on the point of sale, but will track it in Shopventory. 

If you have a restaurant/bar/café, you likely don't want your employees to be able to sell raw ingredients to your Customers. Simply mark those products as Inactive. Shopventory will still track them if they're used in Bundles and/or received manually.

Some businesses even prefer to track things like office supplies and cleaning products via Shopventory. 

There are any number of reasons from seasonality, to recalls, to weekend-only specials. Shopventory gives you the control to determine what inventory is and is not for sale.

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