When adding inventory information into the Variants & Pricing section, you'll see the option to toggle tracking on/off. By default, tracking is turned ON. This means that Thrive Inventory by Shopventory is keeping track of the quantity of that item.

  • NOTE: This setting does not sync to Clover integrations.

If tracking is disabled for a product, it will not appear on your inventory report and Thrive Inventory will not automatically record inventory changes for the product. It is rare for tracking to be turned off, but it can make sense for certain use cases like for services or non-inventory items.

Use Cases for Turning Tracking Off

Turning tracking OFF is good for things like oil changes, haircuts, massages, and appointments. None of these have a set number on the shelf, but we still want to be able to sell them!  Learn more about service and non-inventory items here.

With "Track Inventory" disabled, quantities will not be endlessly deducted (sending you into the negatives). This way, products still appear in the point of sale and on your Sales Reports, but don't have an incorrect quantity number beside them. 

Be sure to set your default cost for these products before they sell, as costs are not able to be added to your sales reports later on.

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