A full inventory count is a tradition at most businesses, but that doesn't mean it has to be hard. Thrive Inventory by Shopventory has tools to suit every business and make sure you get the year off to the best start!

First, we recommend you check out our blog post with Best Practices for Inventory counts.

Once you're ready, choose your preferred method below, but keep in mind your ideal plan might involve a combination of a few of options.

For example, you could print off a hard copy of the Reconciliation Worksheet and then make your actual adjustment (depending on how many you're making) in a stocktake, or the Barcode Scanner app!

Perform a stocktake (or multiple ones):

  • Our Stocktakes feature to easy to set up, break out your inventory into smaller chunks, and get counting!

    • NOTE: This option allows you to use a dedicated Barcode Scanner (for Standard plans and above) connected to your device.

Scan products with a mobile device:

Utilize a digital spreadsheet:

  • Spreadsheet Bulk Upload - Using spreadsheet functions to update/edit/reconcile the inventory information in Shopventory. Once the changes are uploaded in Shopventory, they will automatically sync out to enabled sales channels.

    • NOTE: This feature is only available with Standard Plan and above

On paper:

Once a count is complete, you can look at your Inventory Change Report to see which products were edited and the value of any changes made:

Otherwise, if you used a stocktake to log those changes, you can pinpoint those changes using the Stock Discrepancies Custom Report.

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