Square for Retail (SFR) is an add-on to the main Square system. In other words, SFR is an app, much like Shopventory.

Square for Retail makes changes to the Square database like Shopventory does:

Vendors & Costs

Square for Retail does have options for Vendors and inventory Costs on their end, but that info is kept in SFR; Square itself does not support Vendors or Costs.

The inventory list as well as the quantities are the only things that come over during an import from Square to Shopventory. 


Shopventory and SFR do have several features in common, but Shopventory definitely has the edge both in terms of features and reporting:


  • Shopventory starts at just $39/mo with unlimited devices.
  • SFR starts at $60/mo, plus $20/mo per additional device. 
  • You can view Shopventory's current pricing and plan information on our Pricing Page at https://shopventory.com/pricing/.


It is NOT recommended to use both Shopventory and SFR at the same time. 

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