Square for Retail (SFR) is an add-on to the main Square system. In other words, SFR is an app, much like Thrive Inventory.

Since SFR and Thrive Inventory have similar qualities, if you are using both at the same time, it is NOT recommended to make inventory updates in SFR.

In the graphic below you will see how SRF makes changes to the Square database much like Thrive Inventory does:

This means SFR can interfere with Thrive's updates to Square and throw off quantities, reports and cause a lot of confusion. Overall, when using SFR and our platform, please only make inventory updates exclusively in Thrive Inventory.

Vendors & Costs

Square for Retail has options for Vendors and inventory Costs on their end, but that info is kept in SFR; Square itself does not support Vendors or Costs. If you make an update to either of those fields in SFR, it will not be translated to Thrive Inventory. To ensure accurate reporting, please be sure to make those changes in Thrive Inventory directly.

The inventory list, along with quantities, are the only things that come over during an import from Square to Thrive Inventory. To see all fields Thrive maps to in Square click here.

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