PAR Levels and Alerts serve 2 different functions, although they are similar. 

It's best to think of them as commands:

  • PAR Level — "Hey Shopventory, once the product quantity goes to this point or below, include it in any PO's we create since it's now below where the ideal is."
  • Alert — "Hey Shopventory, I want to be notified when this product goes below this threshold so that I can replenish quantities asap."

This is a visual representation:

Other Differences:

  • PAR Levels are only available on the Standard plan and above
  • Alerts are available on Starter and above
  • Alerts are per-user! They do not apply across logins. Each user has their own alerts.
  • PAR Levels are across all logins. One user setting a PAR Level, will show that same PAR Level for all users.


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