PAR Levels and Alerts serve two different functions, although they are similar. 

It's best to think of them as commands:

  • PAR Level — Once the product quantity goes to x quantity or below, it's low enough to re-order on the next Purchase Order.

  • Alert — Simply get notified when this product goes below this threshold so that you can replenish quantities ASAP

The Low Inventory Report includes items at PAR level or below as well as items at Alert level or below.

This is a visual representation of the different levels:

You can also opt-into receiving e-mails when an item falls below your set PAR level. Navigate to My User Profile (click settings wrench, then select 'My User Profile' tab) and you will be able to activate the toggle switch and start getting those e-mails as shown here:

Other Differences

  • Alerts are available on all paid plans; PAR Levels are only available on the Standard plan and above

  • Since alerts trigger emails, each user manages their own. Alerts do not and cannot be applied to all users simultaneously.

  • PAR Levels are applied to the variants themselves, so these are the same for all users.

Special Case

If you only plan to keep one of an item in stock at a time, and re-order it when it sells:

  • Set an Alert for 0 Qty on that item, so you get an email reminder to re-order it and so it lands on your Low Inventory report.

  • Leave the Par blank.

  • Set Reorder Quantity to 1, so if you add it to a PO (via "Auto-Add Low Inventory") we'll fill in a quantity of 1 for you automatically.

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