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How to use Bundles to manage cases

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Receiving Cases & Selling Singles

If you order in bulk and sell individually (for example you buy in 6-packs, cases of 30 etc.), it usually works best to add your case to Thrive as the non-bundled product you will be tracking and Bundle it to the individual unit.

For example, let's say you order beer from your vendor by the 6-pack:

  1. Create a Product. I'll put the brand name "Premium Beverage" as my Product name, and the unit "6-pack” as my variant name.

  2. Add the cost and price of the full 6-pack. 

  3. If you sell full cases to your customers, you can skip to Step 5.

  4. If you don't sell by the case, make the Product inactive and Save. Now, go to the Products & Variants tab and create a brand new product for the single.

  5. Add a variant for the individual unit, and label it clearly with "Single" in the variant name.

  6. Set your bottle price in the Price field. Then use the gear wheel to convert the product to a Bundle. (See screenshot below)

  7. Select "Premium Beverage (6-pack)" as the component Product. A bottle is equal to ⅙ of the case, so enter 0.166 as the quantity.

    1. NOTE: For more direction on how we got the number, please read this article.

Now, when you receive a case into inventory, you'll see that the quantity in stock for your single bottle goes up proportionately.

  • NOTE: You can still sell the full case, pricing is not dependent, so you can set whatever price you'd like for each variant.

Receiving Singles & Selling Cases

Instead of making your case a Product, it's possible to do the reverse and make your case the Bundle comprised of multiple individual products.

In this instance, simply do the opposite of the directions above:

  • The Single will be the regular product

  • The 6-pack will be the Bundle

  • Instead of .166 6-packs = 1 Single Bundle,
    you will say 6 Singles = 1 6-pack Bundle

  • This means you will order and receive the Singles

For more guidance on figuring out the right quantity check out our article on Math for Assemblies, Bundles, and Modifiers.

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