Bundles Explained:

How to Track Pours

Suppose I sell wine by the bottle and by the glass. With a bundle variant, I can make sure the inventory always comes out of the same place.

Let's look at an example:

1. Create a Product. — Suppose this is a Shopventory Cabernet and the bottle is 750ml. I'll use those as my Product and variant names, respectively. Just click "Create Variant" to enter the Variant Name.

2. Add the price — Remember, cost is what I paid for the bottle, quantity how many bottles I have in stock, and price is what a customer will pay for a bottle. 

3. Now add a second variant. — We'll specify that this is a "Glass" in the variant name. Don't forget to enter the price you charge per glass: 

4. Now you can convert the Glass variant into a Bundle: 

5. Select your Bottle variant as the "Component". Supposing you get about 5 glasses per bottle, your Qty will be 1/5th, or 0.2 (to get .2, we simple took 1 divided by 5):

In other words, whenever I sell a glass of Cabernet, Thrive Inventory by Shopventory will deduct 0.2 bottles, and 1 glass, from the available inventory. If I receive a bottle into stock, then Thrive Inventory will add 1 bottle and 5 glasses to the quantities on hand.

The same principles apply to liquor or anything else you sell a portion of. For instance, if you create a bundle to represent a single shot, and you expect to pour about 17 shots per bottle, your component Qty will be 1/17 = 0.059.

Mixed Drinks

To create a bundle composed of multiple items, simply add the components one by one.

Most businesses prefer to make mixed drinks/recipes as their own separate bundles, especially if you don't sell liquor by the bottle. This is an organizational preference to make navigation at the register more intuitive.

To make a bundle its own product, simply create a new product and convert it into a bundle rather than making it a variant of an existing item.

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