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Thrive integrates with multiple systems and sometimes the wording in our system will be slightly different from what you see within your provider.

When you first connect your integration to Thrive, you have the option to import your product catalog. However, Thrive won't import all fields since different integrations restrict what we can access.

Here's a quick reference guide as to how Thrive syncs data with your point of sale or e-commerce website (please note if the product field is not listed, we will not sync it):

  • NOTE: PayPal Here's API has been deprecated and is causing Thrive to not work properly with some accounts. Read more here.

Certain fields on your integration are only available for specific plans. For example, the GTIN field is only currently available on the Square for Retail Plan. In order to see if a product field is available in your account, please reach out to your integration provider directly.

As you have probably noticed, we support some data and fields that your integration does not, and vice versa. If a field exists ONLY in your integration (and Thrive does not sync to it as shown in the above table), you will want to update the field directly in your integration. For any field that Thrive does sync to, you'll want to make that update directly in our software.

For more information on how we sync with your specific integration, choose from the options below:


For details on the specific shipping fields, we sync to BigCommerce, Shopify, and Woo Commerce, check out this article:

Things to Note:

  • For a product to sync to BigCommerce, it must have at least one Category assigned to it.

  • SKUs will show up in the Variations field of BigCommerce

  • On Clover, to see items grouped with their variants, use the Clover Inventory app on your Clover device

  • PayPal Here only allows one image to sync to their POS.

  • Square only allows one Category to sync over from Thrive.

  • Tags/Labels generated from the SKU field will not scan on the Shopify POS. Instead, use the Barcode field.

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