Custom Reports allow you to build personalized reports to view the data that's most relevant to your business. 

The number of Custom Reports you can create varies by plan. Our current pricing and plan information on our Pricing Page.

Creating a Custom Report:

Custom Reports are found at the bottom of the reports menu on the left-hand side of the page. 

To get started, just click on the Create a new report button:

By default, a Custom Report starts with Net sales and Gross profit. To add other data points to this report, simply add a new widget:

Widget options:

Each widget can be customized. The label, size, color, location, and integration data can all be customized and selected for that widget:

Widgets can also be dragged and dropped as needed to rearrange the report: 

Once the report is saved, simply select the date range at the top to run the report! 


Available widgets include:

  • Net Sales (Number) - net amount collected after taxes, shipping, etc.
  • Gross Profit (Number) - profit based on net sales minus COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold).
  • Number of Transactions (Number) - total number of sales between the report's start and end dates.
  • Tax Collected (Number) - total amount collected from sales tax; minus any refunded taxes.
  • Refund Amount (Number) - total monetary amount refunded to customers.
  • Refunded Sales Tax (Number) - total amount of tax collected then refunded.
  • Shipping Collected (Number) - total fees collected for shipping during this period.
  • Net Shipping Collected (Number) - total fees collected for shipping minus any refunded shipping fees.
  • Tips Collected (Number) - total tips collected on your sales.
  • Transaction Fees (Number) - credit card fees charged by your integration. Currently, this is supported by Square only. We will add others as they enable support for that data.
  • Gross Profit Margin (Percentage) - used as a metric for business health. (net sales - cogs) / net sales
  • Products Sold (Table) - a list of all products sold during the report's date range period.
  • Purchase Order Products Received (Table) - a list of all products received from purchase orders.
  • Internal Transfers Products Received (Table) - a list of all products received from internal transfers.
  • Purchase Order Details (Table) - a list of your purchase orders.
  • PO Fees (Number) - the total fees on your purchase orders.
  • PO Freight (Number)- the total freight costs on your purchase orders.
  • Internal Transfers Details (Table) - a list of all the internal transfers.
  • Internal Transfers Fees (Number) - the total fees on your internal transfers.
  • Internal Transfers Freight (Number) - the total freight costs on your internal transfers.
  • Inventory Change (Table) -  a table of data similar to the Inventory Change Reports, but with more options for customization including filtering and added columns.
  • Order Details (Table) - a list of the completed orders from your merchant account integrations.
  • Refund Details (Table) - a list of all the refunds that occurred with additional detailed data.
  • Transaction Details (Table) - a list of the tenders that occurred. (One sale order may have been split into multiple tenders. This will break out each payment received, including payment method).
  • Stocktake Discrepancies (Table) - This will list out products updated via Stocktake where a discrepancy occurred. This will also provide dollar amounts related to the discrepancy.
  • Top Categories (Table) - A table of your top-selling Categories, along with revenue figures per Category.
  • More Widgets Coming Soon! 

If there is one function in particular you'd like to see, please start a chat and let the team know! 


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