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First, we should clarify our terms, as different businesses use the terms, SKU, Barcode, and visible barcode differently. 

When talking about printing price tags/labels, you are referring to a VISIBLE barcode. Oftentimes this is referred to as a UPC. In Shopventory, you can create a visible barcode using either the SKU or Barcode fields. 

*As long as the number in the Shopventory field adheres to a standard universal format such as UPC or EAN-13, it can be converted to a visual barcode.*

Common Issues:

A few of the more common questions/problems people run into:

"The paper size I need is not available on my computer"

This is usually because your machine just doesn’t have that information in its “drivers”. Drivers are like how-to manuals for your computer and can easily be installed.

Below we have links to the official pages where you can find and download drivers for the label style you need:



"I can’t print labels from my Clover device."

Clover currently does not allow files to be downloaded onto their hardware, so Shopventory is prevented from serving PDF files to your device for label printing. 

For now, labels can only be printed from a non-Clover device. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Print Sizing Issues 

If the sizing looks to be off, that can be due to scaling issues. You can try some of the steps below to adjust the sizing:

  • Do not open the PDF with your web browser. Use a different app to view the PDF. That can often allow for different settings or sizes to be selected.
  • Double-check the Print Settings
  • Scaling
  • Fit to page - if selected, unselect - print again
  • Fit to page - if unselected, select - print again
  • Custom scaling - if selected, unselect - print again
  • Custom scaling - if unselected, select - print again. Try setting custom scaling to 100% - print again


Avery Labels are printing a few millimeters off when printing multiple pages

This is a known printer issue. When printing multiple pages of Avery labels, the second (and any more than the first) page may print a few millimeters higher than the first page. 

If you configure the printer to skip the first page and just print the second page and onward, it does print correctly.

This issue tends to affect older and lower-end home printers. 


"Why can’t I just make up my own SKU/Barcode?"

  • Simple answer: The visible barcode/UPC that we see on products is numerically generated by a mathematical algorithm. 
  • A number must be in a recognized format in order to be represented as a visual barcode on a tag/label. Learn more 
  • That is why we offer SKU generation as a feature in Shopventory. Our system does the work for you!


"Why do some of the SKUs/barcodes I made up work and some do not?"

  •  A random combination of 12 numbers may just happen to be in UPC format. Just like if you combine 3 or 4 random letters, some of those will happen to form words.
  • You just happened to make up a SKU/barcode that follows the algorithm required by the label option you selected.


"What if I just changed the last digit?"

  • As mentioned above, visible barcodes are generated according to a mathematical algorithm. 
  • Simply changing the last digit may not follow the equation required. This would be why the SKU/barcodes could be invalidated.

Learn more about formatting requirements


Examples of Formats Shopventory supports:

UPC-A - 12 digits Universal Product Code

  • All Shopventory generated SKUs are in UPC (12) format. Learn more
  • This is the standard for the vast majority of products sold in the US.
  • 170803376593 - Good
  • 084114108128 - Good 
  • 07300307017 - Good
  • 135792468012 - Bad
  • 123456789102 - Bad
  • 034562986540 - Bad

EAN-8 (aka GTIN-8) EAN 8 is the short form of EAN-13 

NOTE: UPCE-A (6 digits) was replaced by EAN-8

  • 12345670 - Good
  • 65465158 - Good
  • 10203002 - Good
  • 12345678 - Bad
  • Hyphen NOT valid
  • 7 89 10 15 2 - Bad
  • Spaces NOT valid
  • SKU12345 - Bad
  • Letters NOT valid

EAN-13 - 13 digits European Article Numbering barcode

In the US, this is the ISBN found in books. Note: The ISBN is 13 characters when you include the hyphens. 

  • 0-688-12316-3 - Good
  • 0123456789012 - Good
  • 0234567891084 - Good
  • 1234567890123 - Bad
  • 0135792468023 - Bad

Code 128 - 5 alphanumerical characters max

  • ABC12 - Good
  • 123AB - Good
  • H20BL - Good
  • ABC-12 - Bad
  • Hyphen NOT valid
  • 123 AB 
  • Spaces NOT valid
  • H20/BL
  • Forward slashes NOT valid

Learn more about formatting requirements


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