With Shopventory, humans are here to help when you need us. The best way to contact us is using the blue live chat button in Shopventory: 

Starting a conversation:

There are self-service options in the chat, but if you need to reach out to a human, or reference your previous conversations, you will see that option at the top:

  • The New Conversation button will start a brand new chat with the next available agent.
  • The See Previous link will open up your full conversation history. You can follow up on any chats you've already started or just reference your past communications.


The Shopventory Bot

If you ask a commonly asked question, the Shopventory Bot may step in and offer a quick auto response. Take a look and see if that answers your question. Those replies are set up by humans after all: 

Quick reply options:

  • That helped 👍 - This option will let Shopventory know that the bot answered your question and will mark the conversation as closed. 
  • Show me more 👀 - There are a lot of different replies our bot can send. This option says "let me see other responses that may apply". Click this if the first response was close, but didn't quite answer your question.
  • Wait for the team 💬 - This option will bypass the bot and send the conversation straight to the human inbox to wait for a response.

If you don't reply at all to the Shopventory Bot, we will assume the response is what you were looking for and the conversation will be closed out. But any response from you will reopen the conversation and send it to a human for review.


Incoming messages

When you get a chat from Shopventory, you'll see a little notification badge on the chat button as well as a snippet of the message. Just click on the chat to open the message:

You may also have a pending message on a separate chat. Just look for red indicators to find unread content: 


Other chat functions

Within the main chat window, you can also search the Shopventory Help Section to find articles and guides just like this one!: 

You can also find other helpful links as you scroll down. We're always looking to see what other tools we can add to help make life easier! 


Things to know:

  • Live chat hours are Monday thru Friday only during regular US business hours. See the top of the main chat screen for current schedule.
  • Live chat is usually the best option for contacting Shopventory.
  • You can request a phone call via the chat. Just let us know!
  • Every conversation is saved. You can always go back and see previous chats.
  • Chat transcripts are automatically sent to your email. 
  • The chat button cannot be moved, hidden, or fully dismissed or disabled within Shopventory. But please let us know if it is covering up anything important.
  • You can download the transcript of any chat by scrolling to the top of the conversation: 

As always, just let us know if you have any questions! We are here to help!

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