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The Audit Log is a running history of actions taken in Thrive. When you make changes to your inventory, upload a spreadsheet, or edit your settings, etc., Thrive will record the time it happened, the user who made the change, and the action.

This tool is particularly helpful when tracking down when a certain change was made, or by whom.

  • NOTE: Be sure to add users so each person can be identified in the log! If multiple people are using the same login, Thrive can't tell you who is making what changes.

Accessing your Audit Log

To access your log, head to Settings > Access Control > "View Audit Log" button in the top right corner:

The entries are arranged in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Be sure to check your default timezone settings!

If you're looking for something specific, you can use the Date range or Search fields to narrow down the results.

For example, try searching "Deleted" for a record of deleted items, "Spreadsheet" to recover the URL of a bulk upload, or an item name to see when it was created or last edited.

You can click on the Action in blue to see more details in JSON format. This can be difficult to interpret, but it usually isn't necessary to dig through.

From the Product Page

Another way to see entries related to a specific product is from the product itself as shown here:

This will bring up the audit log that shows any edits and updates made to the product, what time they were made, and by whom.

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