Subcategories can be created and managed on the Categories page in Thrive Inventory by Shopventory. For regular Category help, click here

Important things to know:

  • ONLY WooCommerce and BigCommerce users will actually see Subcategories used on the provider end. 

  • Any other merchant account integration provider will just see the lowest Subcategory pushed to the point of sale/web store.

  • When filtering reports by category, only that exact category is used.

    • For example, a sales report for "Apparel" will only show items assigned directly to Apparel, it will not include subcategory sales of "Shirts" or "Pants."

  • To see a report which includes multiple subcategories, select each one individually in your filter.

Parent Categories

In order to make a Category a Subcategory, all you have to do is open it up and assign it a "Parent" Category. 

Parent Categories allow for more advanced e-commerce navigation and more flexible reporting. The hierarchy goes:

Parent Category

  • Subcategory

A Subcategory can also be set as a Parent if you want to create a further delineation:

Parent Category

  • Subcategory

    • Sub-Subcategory (just make the Category above into a Parent)

To create a Subcategory, simply select a Parent Category at the bottom of the page to establish the relationship.

Category chains are not limited, so you can establish as many layers as you need!

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