Shopventory can be used to track units (pounds, milliliters, kilograms, ounces, etc.) using the Bundles function and by creating Bundle Variants. 


Bundle Variants Visualized:


Using Bundle Variants

For example, let's say we sell Olive Oil in Various quantities.

First, we'll create a regular Product called "Olive Oil" with a Variant of "1 liter". So it will display as:

Product: Olive Oil 

  • Variant: 1 Liter

Notice there is a quantity of 12.75 in stock.
Shopventory tracks
partial quantities for any Product.


Once the Regular Product is created in the Products & Variants tab...

We can create a new Bundle Variant of the Olive Oil product from the existing 1 Liter Variant by adding a new variant, and converting it to a bundle.

Suppose we sell our oil in half-liters. We will call the variant Half-Liter, and convert it to a bundle composed of 0.5 of the "1 Liter" variant. Watch closely:

Note: More than one piece of inventory can be added to a Bundle Variant.

So, what we have done is create a 1 Liter Variant of Olive Oil, then create a Half-Liter Variant of Olive Oil based on that original 1 Liter Variant. 

So our point of sale will show:

Product: Olive Oil

  • Variant: 1 Liter
  • Variant: Half-Liter

Whichever Variant I sell, it's drawing from the same inventory.


The same can be done with packs to singles, bottles to pours, pounds to ounces, and a whole lot more! 

Things to keep in mind:

  • Shopventory does NOT do standard unit conversion. In other words, Shopventory does not know that 1000 milliliters go into 1 liter or that 16oz are the same thing as 1lb... unless you tell it.
  • Changing the Bundle Product Name, Category, tax rate, or Active toggle will change the component Product in the Products & Variants tab, and vice versa.


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