In order to continue syncing, accounts that are using our legacy Square integration require a free upgrade as soon as possible. This upgrade brings improved functionality and bug fixes, including:

Support for modifiers

Modifiers allow you to customize your products at the point of sale. For example, if your customer is purchasing a latte and wants non-dairy milk, or to get an extra shot of espresso, modifiers let you edit their order accordingly. With Thrive Inventory by Shopventory, these customizations can be mapped to your inventory to keep your ingredients 100% accurate. For more information on modifiers, see our Modifiers help article.

Multiple location support

With our legacy integration, a product in Thrive Inventory used to create separate products and tax rates in Square for each linked location. After the upgrade, a single tax rate or product in Thrive Inventory will correspond to a single tax rate or product in Square, consolidating your Square catalog for ease of use.

More reliable syncing with improved performance

This upgrade allows Thrive Inventory to use Square's newest updates to make our syncing quicker and more reliable.

Scheduling the Upgrade

In order to upgrade your Square integration, the following actions will be performed:

1. You will be prompted to upgrade your integration. Go to Settings -> Locations & Integrations or click through from the upgrade message on the Dashboard.

2. On the Locations & Integrations page, click Schedule Upgrade on the integrations that require it, or on the banner at the top of the page.

3. Confirm the upgrade by clicking Yes, schedule my upgrade.

4. Log in to your Square account and authorize the upgraded Thrive Inventory V2 app.

5. Once you click Allow, you will be returned to Thrive Inventory and your upgrade will be scheduled to run during off-hours so your point of sale is not affected. You can continue to use your account normally.

6. You will receive a message 24 hours before your upgrade is performed.

Upgrade Process

Syncing between Thrive Inventory and Square will be temporarily paused while the upgrade runs, but will resume and catch up any missed sales once the upgrade is complete.

Thrive Inventory will not be available while the upgrade runs, but you may continue to use your Point-Of-Sale and other integrations normally.

Single location accounts

If you just have a single Square location connected to Thrive Inventory, the upgrade takes place entirely on Thrive Inventory's servers. No syncing to Square is required. Once the upgrade is complete, you will receive an email.

Multiple location accounts

Because the upgraded integration includes multiple location support, any products or tax rates that were consolidated in Thrive Inventory prior to the upgrade will be consolidated in Square after the upgrade is complete.

For example, let's say you have two Square locations from the same Square account connected to Thrive Inventory. If you created a product in Thrive Inventory, and synced over the new product to Square, we will have created two products in Square, one at each connected location.

During the upgrade, when we encounter these products, we will keep only one version and enable it at both locations. Once that is complete, we will delete the redundant product in Square, so you are left with a single product in Square corresponding to a single product in Thrive Inventory. This will happen one product at a time, so you may briefly see a product being duplicated in Square as the upgrade runs.

Depending on the number of consolidated products in Thrive Inventory, this process can take some time as Thrive Inventory performs the necessary syncing. You can continue to use your Square point of sale normally during this process, but we ask that you refrain from making changes in Thrive Inventory while this is running.

Upgrade Complete

Once the upgrade is complete, you will receive a confirmation message.

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