The Shopventory Dashboard is designed to give you all the most important real-time data for your business at a glance:

  • Net Sales
  • Gross Profit
  • Number of transactions
  • Items sold
  • Business today vs. last week
  • Sales breakdown by category
  • Low-stock items
  • Profit margin percentage


On your Inventory page, get down to the nitty gritty details of all your items:

  • Sort by Name, location, quantity in stock, cost, or list price
  • Edit your inventory quantities, costs, and prices one-by-one or in bulk
  • Filter by category, location, creation date, stock levels, or see all your low-inventory items
  • Combine multiple products in any combination to create Bundles for sale
  • View and edit tax rates
  • Learn more

On the Alerts tab, create customizable alerts to notify you immediately if any item is running low. Learn more

With our Vendor Management tool, you can keep all your suppliers in one place! Shopventory allows you to connect vendors to your actual inventory, so, combined with our Purchase Orders tool, it’s easy to re-order items. Shopventory will even automatically update your inventory counts when you receive the shipments for your PO, whether everything is there or not.

Finally, our robust Reporting tool shows you the pulse of your business in Sales, Inventory, and what’s not selling. 

Reports are customizable for all your locations, custom time frames, and product categories. You can even see how much you’ve collected in taxes, or how much you’ve been giving customers in Refunds or Discounts. Then, save it as a .pdf or print it off for your permanent records!


And that's just the beginning!

Business owners using Shopventory save an average over an hour per day per location— we're talking thousands of dollars of savings, every year.

So do yourself a favor and turn over a new leaf in the way
you manage your business.

We're giving you 30 days FREE to see what Shopventory can do (no credit card required), and if that's not enough, you have 30 more days to see the return on your investment--or you get your money back. 60 days risk-free. It's that simple.

To learn more, feel free to browse around our website or help section, or give us a shout with the chat button!

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