The Consolidated Inventory Report shows you a bird’s-eye view of your inventory as a whole, complete with totals stock counts, ranging list price, and total value for products across all of your locations.

This report can be found in the Reporting section of Thrive Inventory under the Inventory Reports heading as shown here:

The report will include a breakdown of Products and their corresponding variants by:

  • Category

  • List Price (a range will be shown if Location-specific pricing is being used)

  • In Stock counts

  • Total Value

  • Potential Revenue

  • Potential Profit

By default, the report will generate for the current date, but can also be adjusted by clicking on the date dropdown.

Once all the data has loaded, you will be able to download a CSV version of the report for your records simply by using the Actions button:

Things to Note

If the Price or Cost differs between locations, you will see a range reported, but the Total Value, Potential Revenue, and Profit numbers will be accurate based on the information we have in Thrive Inventory for each product.

Products or services with quantity tracking "Disabled" will not be included on the Consolidated Inventory report. Since Bundles do not contribute uniquely to inventory value, these are excluded as well.

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