Single Category Report
See total sales numbers for a particular category in your catalog
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*This report is only available on the Professional Plan and above*

(Learn more about upgrading your plan here)

The Single Category Report shows products sold for a given date range, for a chosen Category. The report will also calculate total costs, profitability, gross profit, and net sales to give you a complete picture of your business. Additionally, you'll also see unsold products for a full view of what products are selling, and which aren't.

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Report Summary

In the Reports section, the Sales Report will populate automatically with the information for today's date, but a category must be selected. You can customize the date range at the top or select from the pre-set options.

  • NOTE: To see a larger version of the above screenshot, right-click (or secondary-click) the image and open it in a new tab.

The columns of this report include:

  • Category

  • Name

  • SKU

  • Barcode

  • Product Description

  • Cost

  • List Price

  • Markup % (percentage of the potential profit to the cost: {price-cost} / cost)

  • AUR (Average unit retail: Net sales/number of units sold)

  • Quantity Sold

  • Revenue

  • Discounts

  • Net Sales

  • Total Cost

  • Gross Profit

  • Margin % (Percentage of the average unit profit to the sales price)

  • Stock at EOP (Total stock across selected locations at the end of the selected period)

Things to Note:

  • You can apply filtering by Location in the top left corner. Filters will be applied to the PDF and CSV exports.

  • If a product has multiple categories assigned to it at the time of sale, the sold product will show up under each in the Single Category Report.

  • Category results do not include subcategories, only the specific category named. For example, "Apparel" sales will not include sales for "Shirts" or "Pants".

*This report is only available on the Professional Plan and above*

(Learn more about upgrading your plan here)

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